• What plays would be converted to CinePlays?

    Citoc constantly strives at maintaining the highest quality of not only choosing its content but also its production and distribution quality. While the aim is to document and archive to a large extent as many stories from theatre as possible, the creative team looks at stories that translate well into the format of CinePlays, in order to be able to present you with the best experience and content possible.

  • What is Cineplay and what makes it unique?

    CinePlay is an innovative format of cinema that presents timeless stories as a digitally-immersive experience, and is calibrated for a uniform experience across all screen sizes. These are stories that provoke thought, tease the mind, and prevail upon you. These are stories that never go away; they stay with you. These are stories that live forever.

  • Is CinePlay a live recording of a play?

    No, CinePlays are far from just a live recording of a play. Sets are created especially for each production and much like a film, a CinePlay is shot over a span of a several days. This style of production allows us to ensure the highest quality and give each story what it needs to be told best. With an elaborate camera, light and production set up, CinePlays weaves elements of cinema into stories from theatre to create a whole new experience for audiences.

  • What are the formats CinePlays available in?

    CinePlays are available in a number of formats ranging from HD to 4K, making them compatible with both online streaming and projection on larger screen sizes. As stated above, all of our films are specially calibrated for a uniform experience across all screen sizes, so it doesn’t matter whether you are watching CinePlays on-the-go or watching it in the theatre, we ensure your experience.

  • Does have offices outside of India?

    continuously reaches out to potential distribution and screening partners across the globe. With a centralized office based in Mumbai, India from where operations are led, individual representatives in North America, Middle East, South Asia and Europe lead the respective market based activities.

  • Where can I watch a CinePlay?

    CinePlays are available in India exclusively on Hotstar. They are also available to be viewed on leading airlines.

  • Are CinePlays available outside of India?

    Yes. CinePlays are available outside of India on Hotstar, iFLix and Digital Theatre in countries where they have a presence. For more information on their availability in your country, please check their respective websites/apps.

  • Are they available with subtitles?

    Yes, all CinePlays are available with English and in certain cases also, French subtitles. We are hoping to add more languages to our offerings in the near future.